Next stop on the Oslo Burger Hunt is Burger Joint :)

The next stop on our Oslo burger hunt was Burger Joint in Aker Brygge.  Aker Brygge is a neighborhood in Oslo on Oslofjorden and has a reputation for fancy shops and upscale restaurants.  Aker Brygge used to be shipyard for Oslo until the early 80s.  Since then, it has updated and become a bustling, popular neighborhood of Oslo.

Burger Joint is tucked away on a side street amongst other shops and bars.  The street features a lot of brick and has both an industrial and upscale feel.  For this visit, I ordered the Black and Blue burger with bacon.  I feel like blue cheese and bacon is always been a happy marriage together. Interestingly, in Oslo, I have found that a lot of “blue cheese” burgers actually are served with blue cheese dressing, rather than just the cheese.  Lucky for me, Burger Bar uses the cheese on their burgers.

Burger Joint 2

The burger was really delicious.  I could taste the toppings as they were substantial.  The burger was well cooked (with a bit of pink in the middle). Also, the patty itself had a nice char to it.   I also ordered the rosemary fries which were tasty.  As a whole, this is the best burger that I have had so far with our burger hunt.  And as an added bonus – you can take a nice walk along the water afterwards so you can feel a bit less guilty about devouring every bite of your burger!

Next on the burger hunt?  Illegal Burger 🙂

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