Missing Home and Remembering Today

Moving to a new country is an amazing adventure.  I’ve been able to experience a new language, meet new people, and visit interesting places.  However, days like today, I miss home.  Pondering about a million things at once… loss, love, war, family and what ifs.  America lost nearly 3,000 people this day, 14 years ago.  I’m so thankful to know many incredible Americans in my life.  And sincerely thankful for those who protect my country on a daily basis.  I’m proud of the friends and family who served and are still serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Each of us will reflect on many things today.  Where we were when we heard the news of the first (and subsequent attacks)…. how it made us feel… who we were with…  My memories are wrought with feelings of intense panic, sadness, helplessness, and fear.

While in a college choir, we sang this one song that still resonates with me today.  It’s called, “Hard Times Come Again No More.”  It was written by Stephen Foster in 1854.  It asks us to consider the plight of others.  I also think its incredibly poignant in expressing loss and how difficult hope can sometimes be.

I’m sending out my love and prayers today.  Together, we remain forever haunted by this loss and it’s impact on our lives now and into the future.  But, we must also remember how we came together as a community to carry each other.  We carried each other regardless of who we were, what we looked like, or what we believed.  We are strong and resilient when together.


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