Weekend Away in Göteberg… and Lovely Italian Food

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel with my husband to Göteberg (Gothenberg), Sweden for a long, relaxing weekend.  I had a great time exploring the city.  Göteberg is really charming featuring a lot of  older architecture and shaken with a bit of the contemporary.

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Downtown Göteberg has a lot to do and see.  I wandered over to Kronhusbodarna which is a quiet shopping square.  The main structure in Kronhusbodarna is a large brick building with copper shutters.  It houses the Göteberg Wind Orchestra and I was even lucky enough to hear them practicing during lunch.

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Kronhusbodarna also featured a lovely café called Cafe Kronhuset where I had lunch and bought my husband some delicious meringues.  At Götebergs Choklad & Karamellfabrik, I purchased some chocolate covered caramels and champagne fudge.  We devoured them both later in our hotel room.  Yum!

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For dinner Saturday evening, I did a little searching on Tripadvisor and we decided to attempt to eat at the #2 restaurant in Göteberg, Trattoria La Strega.  Luckily, the lovely waiter was able to sneak us in between reservations.  First, we started with the Italian meats platter with olives.  A delicious array of cured meats!  For dinner, my husband ordered the pasta with King crab.  I ordered the ravioli with shrimp and scallops served with spinach and pancetta.  Both pasta dishes were superb.  The menu offers a lot of different pastas for anyone’s taste.  For dessert, I had the tiramisu and my husband had the bitter cherry sorbet.  Fantastic!  Highly recommend this restaurant … but, be sure to call for a reservation.

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On Sunday, I ventured into the old town of Göteberg called Haga.  Haga is only a few blocks long and wide but it feels as though you have entered a new city entirely.

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We had a nice lunch at Cafe Husaren where the cinnamon rolls are the size of a dinner plate.  For our lunch, we ordered pasta dishes.  My husband had the pasta bolognese and I ordered the lasagna.  Both were very good.  The lasagna in particular was very cheesy.  To finish up, we also ordered the gigantic kanelbulle.  Huge… but tasty.  So large that we weren’t able to finish it.  I recommend sharing it with a group of friends.  This cafe is nicely situated in Haga and is a good place to stop for reasonably priced food or drinks.

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After exploring Haga, we walked up the steep staircase to Skansen Lejonet.  Skansen Lejonet is a fortress built in in the late 1600s outside of the city center.  It was intended as a redoubt which apparently was a location for retreat in the event that the city was attacked.  Very interesting history.  Now, it’s a private event facility but you can visit and see the historic structure.  Additionally, the location has an incredible view of the city.  Be ready for a lot of stairs… however, it is worth the trip.

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Göteberg is a fun city with a lot of neat neighborhoods filled with cafés, restaurants, interesting architecture, and a lovely waterfront.  Only about a 4 hour drive from Oslo, it’s a nice destination for a long weekend getaway.  I hope we can make another trip soon!

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