Happy Belated Anniversary! New Logo. New Look.

Well, it’s finally here.  The big unveiling!  What’s so exciting, you say?  Well, in order to celebrate over one year in the blogosphere, I’ve decided to redecorate.  New logo.  New website look.

Frankly, the logo is something pretty special.  Not only is it fun and exciting to finally have an official logo but my cousin, Chris Guglotti, was the artist who designed it for me.  Chris is incredibly talented.  By day, he runs his own website where he produces  Playing Dead – which  you must check out (after you finish admiring his work here, of course).  Most recently, he was hired to do the artwork for an upcoming Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman.  Needless to say, he’s amazing and I couldn’t be happier that he took time from his busy schedule to create my brand new logo.

Also, the website’s layout has been restructured a bit.  I hope you find it easier to navigate!  At the top of the home page, there is a navigation panel which now features an About page.  It also features other menu options which organize all posts into several categories: Recipes, Restaurants (aka Reviews), TechniquesTravel and Etc…   To the right, you’ll find a search function which you can use to hunt through the various posts.  At the bottom of the site, there is now a Contact Me page which allows you to send comments and ideas directly to me.  Phew…

All in all, it’s been an interesting year.  In August 2014, I began this as a fun, personal project where I could share my love of food with others.  Since then, my husband and I made our very first international move from the United States to Norway.  Of course, I miss the United States and all my old haunts (hot wings, in particular) but Norway has been amazing.  Not only is it beautiful and filled with friendly people, the culinary scene is fantastic.  There are so many restaurants still to visit and enjoy.   I hope in the coming year to visit new countries, see new restaurants, and try more delicious food.  Join me as I continue this adventure!



  1. Hi Tara! I just signed up and l thoroughly enjoyed reading through this site. Thanks for sharing all your recipes, reviews and travels.


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