Hunting for the BEST Burger in Oslo! First stop is Burger Bar.

First of all, I need to apologize for my delayed blogging.  It has been crazy settling into Oslo!  We moved into a new apartment, all of our stuff from U.S.A arrived and needed unpacking, I started language classes and we had a visitor!  Phew 🙂  Lots of fun but very busy.  I’m glad to get back to blogging and sharing my culinary adventures in this great city of Oslo.

As a new resident of Oslo, I took a leap (with my introverted self) and joined a Meetup group.  The group, in particular, is a bunch of lovely ladies who get together for music festivals, to play football (soccer), eat, drink etc…  I was asked to take the lead in the hunt for the BEST burger in Oslo.  Well, we have made our first visit!

Our first location was Burger Bar in the Folketeaterpassasjen in downtown Oslo.  Burger Bar offers several burgers with varying toppings and even vegetarian options.  I’ve been to Burger Bar once before with my husband and had the La Boca burger (grilled onions and brie cheese).  My husband had the Palermo burger (blue cheese dressing & bacon).  We both enjoyed our burgers and especially enjoyed the lovely outdoor seating with our accompanying Hansa pints.

Burger Bar 5
La Boca Burger – grilled onions and brie cheese
Burger Bar 6
Palermo Burger – blue cheese dressing & bacon

With the lovely group of ladies, I tried a new burger – the Flores.  It features cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled peppers and caramelized onions.  As per usual, I opted without aioli (not a huge mayonnaise fan).  We did not get asked what temperature we preferred but the burger was cooked to a medium well.  As with the previous burgers, you could definitely taste the pepper seasoning on the burger.  I enjoy pepper but I know it can be off-putting for some folks.

Flores Burger with cheddar, bacon and grilled onions
Flores Burger with cheddar, bacon grilled peppers, and caramelized onions

When you order a burger at Burger Bar, you do not automatically get a side dish.  This time, I also ordered the chips (fries) with bloody mary ketchup.  Holy moly… I’ve hit the jackpot!  These chips were amazing.  Really tasty and crispy.  The bloody mary ketchup also added a lovely spice to a typical side dish.  You can actually order from a large list of side dips for your chips.  In fact, they even offer sweet potato fries.  I had a taste from someone else’s plate and it was pretty good as well.

Lastly, my American friends will appreciate this… they offer Brooklyn Brewing by the bottle.  Needless to say, this brown ale was a lovely accompaniment to my burger 🙂

Burger Bar 2

All in all, Burger Bar offers a solid burger with pretty amazing chips.  Not only that, but the venue is lovely during the summer in Oslo.  I can see myself very soon visiting Burger Bar to get some chips, an ice cold beer, and a seat in the sun at Youngstorget.

So, where are we going next?  Nydalen Bryggeri and Spiseri.  A new blog post coming soon 🙂

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