Lucky Bird @ Vulkan – Bring on the Fried Chicken and Ribs!

I’ve begun searching for different food blogs and restaurant recommendations in Oslo.  Considering the caliber of food encountered thus far, I was not surprised to find a lot of blogs and restaurant reviews online.  I recently joined an expat facebook group and someone recently posted about a restaurant called, Lucky Bird.  So, I decided to check the place out online – and what I found was so exciting.  Fried chicken (American southern style) and ribs… I had to go.  And the cherry on top that sealed the deal, I read this review from Two Foodies Eating.  The photos alone still make me so hungry.

Therefore, we decided to head out and see for ourselves.  Lucky Bird is located at Vulkan in Oslo.  It’s a pretty location – lots of restaurants and shops on the bank of the river, Akerselva.  It has the gritty industrial feel but with a eco-friendly/green environment and architecture.  We still have a lot to explore at Vulkan (and looking forward to it).

Anywho… we made our way to Lucky Bird on the weekend for brunch.  I have to be honest – I was really excited about the fried chicken.  I knew that would be one thing I would miss moving to Norway and was excited at the prospect of finding good chicken in Oslo.

The Lucky Bird interior is fun and eclectic.  It has a funky, industrial, and homey feel all wrapped into one package.  While I believe the intention is to feel a bit gritty and homemade, the restaurant is very clean.  The bathrooms are even a bit fun with a Boraxo soap dispenser.  I wasn’t prepared for that but it’s a nice American, blue collar throwback.

IMG_8137 IMG_8139 IMG_8138

And then for the real excitement – the food.  We ordered chicken and ribs (more than we needed so we could have leftovers).  All of the sides are a la carte so we decided to order the creamed corn (maisstuing) and the macaroni and cheese.

IMG_8140As you can see, the fried chicken is CRISPY – even my father would approve (…he refuses to eat fried chicken that isn’t really crispy).  The chicken is served with a smokey pineapple sauce which is nicely sweet.  I’m a chicken purist and while I enjoyed the sauce, I really enjoyed the fried chicken plain.  The chicken is well seasoned with that craveable saltiness and a satisfying crunch with every bite.


The ribs were also very good.  Though tender, the ribs aren’t completely fall off the bone – which makes for eating them much easier.  When ribs are completely fall off the bone, I feel like I’m missing out a bit.  I think the messiness of eating off the bone is part of the excitement of eating ribs,  The sauce comes in different flavors – mild, medium or hot.  We opted for the medium and it was a very good, solid barbecue sauce.


The sides accompanied our meals well.  The creamed corn was good as it was still a bit sweet with a light corn crispness.  The macaroni and cheese was served with chicken sausage and broccoli and included comté and pecorino cheeses.  The sauce was delicate and mild.  Needless to say, we really enjoyed the sides.

IMG_8142 IMG_8141

AND to top it all off, they served Brooklyn lager.  Cheers!


We look forward to planning our next visit to Lucky Bird!

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