The Nighthawk Diner in Grünerløkka :)

Moving to a new country can be pretty daunting.  With no friends or family around, you have to really find your way.  Norway has been absolutely lovely and the people here are extremely friendly.  However, the way things work here are definitely different and make one be a bit homesick.  Luckily, in our travels to and from Oslo, my husband and I have discovered an American diner, the Nighthawk Diner.  Many of the comforts of home in one location 🙂

Having been to the Nighthawk Diner a few times now, we have begun exploring the menu.  The first time I went there it was near New Years.  I enjoyed the chicken sandwich and a Winterhawk (their delicious version of a hot toddy).

10891790_10100854927834635_1578963833026935869_n 10891593_10100854928039225_7127860693456699102_nApparently, the chicken sandwich bread was out and one of their deep fryer had broken!  I do have to say – they recovered well.  The sandwich was still crisp and juicy.  The Winterhawk was also delicious… cloves were embedded within the orange peel.  And of course, the drink comes with whiskey; so obviously, I was on board.

In March, we also visited the diner on a weekend for brunch.  Boy, was it packed!  You wait in a line to be seated but it was worth it.  Greg loves breakfast and I love eating so we were pretty excited for this second trip.  Greg had the Nighthawk breakfast brunch and I had the Albuquerque, New Mexico burger.  The burger comes with chili, cheese, and nacho chips – really tasty and recommended by the server.  The breakfast brunch has 2 eggs (style is your choice – Greg chose scrambled), bacon, sausage, fries, baked beans, toast and Greg optioned for a pancake on the side. Lots of food.  The baked beans aren’t necessarily an American breakfast staple but, good nonetheless.

IMG_7163 IMG_7162

Mostly recently, we went to the Nighthawk Diner for dinner.  We first started with an order of poutine.  As I understand it, this is a typical Quebecois treat with fries, gravy and cheese curds.  The Nighthawk Diner’s version of poutine also comes with grilled onions and peppers as well as a few other cheeses.  The gravy was a salty onion broth (think French Onion soup) and the cheese was gooey.  As this was my first time having poutine, I don’t have anything to compare it to but it was delicious.

IMG_8050 (1)

For dinner, Greg ordered the Nighthawk ribs and I ordered the Blind Cow burger with bacon.  The burger was good – lots of pepper on the burger with a blue cheese sauce.  I requested the addition of bacon for the burger.  Something about blue cheese and bacon – it’s an amazing combo.  The ribs were also very good.  Definitely cumin in the barbecue sauce which was both spicy and smokey.  And, when they say fall off the bone, they are not kidding.  You need a fork and knife!

IMG_8052 (1) IMG_8053 (1)

Did I mention they also serve milkshakes?  And you can get them to go?  IMG_7165

Check out the Nighthawk Diner’s menu online.

If your mouth isn’t salivating now, then you have a problem.  Seriously, see a doctor…  Or, just go to the Nighthawk Diner and try it for yourself.  Fun times and good food.


  1. I read this blog and, as an extra treat, discovered that I DO NOT need to see a doctor. Why? My mouth WAS salivating!! Everything looks and sounds delicious. Now, COME BACK, TARA!!! 🙂


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