Thanksgiving Day Pies – Pumpkin & Sour Cream Apple Pies

So, this Thanksgiving I was tasked with making pies. Initially, I started thinking about all the different and interesting pies that I could create but, in the end, made an apple and a pumpkin pie. Familiar and of course, craveable.

Either pie works for you to make the crust or purchase the pie crust. I did some of both – I only own one pie pan. For the homemade crust, I made a pate brisee – buttery and crisp. Both crusts (homemade and store bought) were delicious.

The pumpkin pie intrigued me because it had ginger in it. I love ginger. If ginger is involved, I am typically interested. Of course, it had many of the normal spices – nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. The recipe came from King Arthur Flour. It had delicate and smooth pumpkin flavor with added spice. One of the best we have had in our family. Yum!

The apple pie hit closer to home. This is the recipe that my Aunt made and wowed our entire extended family for years. It’s bittersweet to make it – I miss her immensely. I miss texting, joking, hearing words of encouragement and love and her, in general. She was an inspiration to me not only with cooking or baking but in strength. A strong woman – not afraid to speak her mind. As I made this pie, I realized how much work this recipe is and was thankful to her for taking so much care to feed us over the years. Definitely baked with love!

The apple pie is unusual – it has a custard-like center. It’s important when following the recipe to measure properly and cut the apples thin. The Granny Smith apples worked great. The recipe is for Sour Cream Apple Pie. The topping has the flavors similar to a traditional apple pie. Because of this topping, I recommend putting the pie on a pan as the sugar and butter may end up in your oven. Another idea is to put a pan with sides under the pie while its cooking. I brought this pie to Thanksgiving #1 and #2 (we do two houses every holiday – make sure to see both mine and my husband’s family). This pie was a hit! Deliciously unique 🙂

All in all, for those who love to cook, food is our vehicle to show those close to us that we love them. I always remember that about my Aunt and how much she cared for every single one of us. ❤️. Enjoy the recipes!

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