Homemade Doughnuts, Oh my!

Last weekend, I decided to finally give something a try… that I have never made before.  Sure, I’ve been to countless cooking classes but never this. I decided to make homemade doughnuts.  :::Cue excited squealing:::

Luckily, there was an amazing guide online from Joy of Baking.  The recipe and video were so incredibly helpful.  Honestly, the hardest part was battling over whether to go with baked doughnuts but thought… hell, I got a lot of corn oil… why not make this into amazing, fried goodness.

Here are a few photos of the adventure…

Doughnuts rising…


Right out of the fryer and rolled in cinnamon-sugar 🙂

IMG_5725 IMG_5721

With the help of my husband, we cranked out large doughnuts, mini-doughnuts and doughnut holes.  They were delicious.  I highly recommend this recipe.  We rolled the finished doughnuts about a minute after coming out of the fryer in plain white sugar or a cinnamon-sugar mix.

Now, these do dense up by the next day.  So, next time, I’m inviting people over to help eat these immediately!  With how delicious these homemade, fresh, hot doughnuts … I’ll be doing them again soon.

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