It’s time for Wings and Crab Dip… Ott House? Yes, please.

So, for my birthday, I had an itch to get some great wings and crab dip.  Where else to go but the Ott House Pub?  I went to college near the Ott House and have enjoyed their wings for years.  In fact, my husband’s mom used to go there and bring my husband when he was a wee little one.  So, really, it’s like returning home.

Ott House may be considered a “dive bar” which has different connotations.  I like to think it has character… it’s a college bar meets local drinking hole.  It’s the highlight for Mount Saint Mary’s college students, National Fire Academy course attendees and of course, locals.  Or, even those who live an hour away (like me).  The menu has many options for all.  Folks like many different items on the menu but my absolute favorite are the mild wings and crab dip.

While the Ott House does offer hot wings, I am really in love with the mild wings.  They have a spice that builds as you eat with a nice sweetness (honey or molasses, perhaps?)   You receive about a dozen wings per order with a side of celery and blue cheese or ranch.  Layers of delicious simplicity… completely craveable.


Then, there is the crab dip.  A creamy concoction with Old Bay saltiness.  The crab dip is served with house made chips (dusted in Old Bay, of course) or toasted bread.  Besides the salty Old Bay, there are large chunks of crab meat as well in the dip.  We opted this time for the chips, but the bread is equally as delicious with the dip.


What are some of your Ott House favorites?  Let me know if you venture out to give them a try!



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