Pasta Plus Restaurant – Laurel, MD

I decided my very first restaurant review should be positive… So I decided that I wanted to tell everyone about Pasta Plus in Laurel, MD.  Pasta Plus is a very unassuming restaurant in a strip mall.  On the left, there is a Chinese food restaurant and on the right, two vacant storefronts.  Pasta Plus is a first come, first serve restaurant so you wait in a line until a table is ready.  Tonight, my husband and I were waiting and a few people tried to walk through to “put their name on a  list.”  We assured them that there was no list… oh Pasta Plus newbies.   They were in for a real culinary treat.

My husband and I were excited… this food was going to be good.  First, we each started with a glass of  Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and some of the crusty bread.  We dipped it in a little olive oil and parmesan.  Can you hear the crunch?  Next, we ordered the fried calamari with marinara.  The calamari was fried perfectly – a slight chew and then it melted in your mouth.  The marinara was seasoned well with a sweet tomato taste.  Just take a look…


Our waiter, David, was very gracious.  We listened to the specials and yet – I already had my mind made up.  I have a favorite dish, you see.  Greg likes to try different items at Pasta Plus and there was a special on pan fried lamb chops.  We saw several people order them as we were reviewing the menu.

So you may be wondering – what is my favorite dish?  What dish do I dream about?  Well, I love a good stuffed pasta and Pasta Plus excels at this.  I ordered the agnolotti with aurora sauce (tomato and cream sauce).  Typically, the agnolotti is served with a cream sauce.  I am not a huge cream sauce fan and absolutely adore the aurora sauce.  These little pillows are stuffed with ricotta and spinach.  I cut the agnolotti in half just so I can savor it more.  Delicious.

Agnolotti with Aurora Sauce

My husband ordered the fried lamb chops.  They were pounded flat, breaded and fried.  It reminded me of a piccata.  I, of course, stole a bite.  It was cooked well and not gamey at all.  It had a nice crisp crust.  He had an option of grilled vegetables or pasta.  It’s Pasta Plus… of course, order a side of pasta.  It’s homemade fettuccine.  Enough said.

Fried Lamb Chop

Did you notice how large a portion that is?  For $27, Pasta Plus gives you plenty for your money.  Finally, we shared a cannoli.  Nice crisp cookie-like shell with slightly sweet cheese filling.  Never disappoints.


In conclusion, Pasta Plus is one of the best Italian restaurants that I have been to in the DC Metropolitan area.  They specialize in homemade pastas and other Italian food options.  It’s a family friendly place with a casual atmosphere.  You may stand a bit before being seated – but, it’s totally worth it.  Come hungry.  Leave satisfied.

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