Time to catch up & a few noodles

Has it really been 4 weeks?  Well, a lot has been going on… still working, still eating… still wanting to share and really needing to take the time and make it happen.

What has happened?  A lot!  I have a trip to Ireland to share (which I plan to do in 3 parts …. Dublin, Killarney & Kilkenny) and a short weekend trip to Italy where I indulged in obscene amounts of cured meats.

I’ve also tried a few new places in Oslo.  Most recently, I’ve become addicted to this little place called The Noodles Box in Grünerløkka.  It’s a stir fry place… you pick the protein, the veggies and sauce and they make it right in front of you.  Delicious.  I opt generally for the beef (because I rarely eat it due to its price here), all of the available vegetables and the medium chili sauce.  Drool.  This simple combination is both savory and spicy.  I also really like that it provides a lovely, colorful variety of food.  IMG_4487

I’ve eaten at The Noodles Box a few times now but only took this one photo thus far.  As you can see, I took this photo hastily.  It smelled too good and I had to begin eating.  I think I know what’s for lunch tomorrow…. Check it out pronto! 🙂

More blog posts to come.  Next up… Dublin, Ireland!

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