Amundsen Bryggeri – Great Pub Food in Oslo!

My husband and I have been to the Amundsen Bryggeri several times and enjoy it wholeheartedly.  It has a fun, casual environment with a great list of beers and pub food.  Norway has several really great British-style pubs.  In fact, my affinity for Stoke’s brown sauce began in Oslo and I’m forever grateful.


As such, we decided to make our way to Amundsen’s for my husband’s birthday dinner.  We made our way there right after a movie at the Saga Theater.  I had a real hankering for fish and chips and was so glad that my husband picked this spot.

First, we started with the mussels which we have enjoyed before.  The mussels were tender and the sauce was the really delicious.  We sopped up the sauce with some of the rosemary bread.  A real treat 🙂


For dinner, my husband had the spring chicken (vårkylling).  He really enjoyed it.  The gravy was savory and paired excellently with the crisp chicken and smooth mashed potatoes.


Of course, I ordered the fish and chips.  The breading is light, fluffy and crunchy with a lovely flaky fish inside.  I absolutely love fried fish with a bit of lemon and this was no exception.  I’ve only had fish and chips once in England – in Dover – and think this dish is a quite competitive to what I had there.  The mushy peas were also delicious with a great balance of mushy (for lack of a better word) and crisp peas.  The chips, or fries, were also very good.

IMG_8648Finally, we finished with the “beeramisu”.  This is Amundsen’s take on a tiramisu except they use beer.  It tasted like they may have used a porter – lots of expresso and chocolate notes.  Really delightful – light, sweet and full of flavor.  Perfect sweet bite after a big dinner.

IMG_8651So head on over and let me know when you make it to Amundsen’s!  What’s your favorite dish?

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