A visit to Katedralen before summer hits Oslo :)

My husband, Greg, and I moved to Oslo on June 23rd and have been experiencing the  Norwegian culture with open arms.  Though,  I have to say that as an American – there have been some really drastic differences.  For example, many things slow down considerably or come to a screeching halt in July.  July is summer in Norway and as such, many people take their month long holiday.  This includes completely shutting down some restaurants, cafes, etc…

While Greg and I knew about the July holiday, it became particularly apparent when we went out to eat the first week in Oslo.  We decided to go to Katedralen.  It had good ratings on Tripadvisor and looked to have a lot of character…. and another good thing – a short walk from our current apartment!

When we arrived at Katedralen, our server was almost surprised at our arrival.  It was quiet!  Little did we know, the restaurant was closing that weekend for July and things were slim.  That’s okay – because as long as the beer tap worked and we could select something tasty, we were in good shape.  The bar was also pretty cool.  It was set up like a church – with pews, a pulpit, etc… I imagine this is a pretty fun hangout on a weekend.

IMG_8002 IMG_7998

The limited menu consisted of a burger, lasagna, a shrimp salad sandwich and a leftovers sandwich (which he explained did have fresh ingredients – but lots of items on it).  We both decided to opt for the burger.  And, it was really good… A lot of burgers in Norway, in my limited experience, are pre-packed (whether frozen or not).  This burger was hand packed and came with an mayo sauce, barbecue sauce, pickled onions, cheese and lettuce on a grilled bun.  As I am not a big mayo fan, I had that on the side which my husband used for his potatoes.  The burger was flavorful.  I particularly liked the pickled onions.  They were deliciously tangy.  I, honestly, could have eaten an entire bowl of the pickled onions.

IMG_8003All in all, a great place with a cool vibe.  Also, one of the best burgers to date in Oslo.  I hope to visit it again after July when they return with a full menu.


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