Oslo’s Lofoten

Over the last two weeks, I have been spending time in Oslo with my husband. We had the opportunity to visit a lot of delicious restaurants. There is this misconception that Scandinavian food is completely bland. Oslo proves this wrong. 

We had the opportunity to eat at the Lofoten Fiskerestaurant. A lot of the reviews said that it could get quite busy but we went on a Thursday about 6:15pm and were seated right away.  

Lofoten did have a special when we visited for 345 NOK which included a 2 course meal. The 2 course meal consisted of the seafood soup and a dinner entree of paddock. It seemed like a great deal but my husband and I both chose different items a la carte. 

My husband had the seafood soup and grilled whale. He thought the seafood soup was very good. It had a light basil taste and very buttery. It was the first time he had grilled whale. He loved the sides with the exception of the large mushroom (texture was not great). The grilled whale was good but not something either one of us would order again. It tasted (as expected) like a game meat with a slight fish hint. I imagine if you are a fan of grilled whale that you would like this dish.   


I ordered the scallop ceviche and baked cod. The scallop ceviche was very good. It had very petite diced apples and onions on top. I really cool combination and was delicious. The baked cod was served with chorizo and onions in an onion cream sauce. It was divine. I don’t know that the two slices of chorizo were necessary (tho I ate them happily) if the flavor was already in the sauce. This is a definite go to meal. 


Finally, we shared the chocolate dessert. It is very petit but hit the spot. It had a few small drops of ganache and then ricotta cream with a scoop of raspberry sorbet.   


All in all, we were happy with our choice here. We could tell this was a popular spot for people to bring foreign business associates and also tourists. Very good.  The restaurant  did start to fill by the time we left around 7:30. I imagine it gets very cozy later.  If you find yourself in Oslo, I recommend checking out this place. 

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