Fruit Salad kind of Week :)

So, I let my true introvert self out this weekend… Movies, TV, yoga… Hanging out in the house. I was really able to recharge after a crazy busy week at work.

Today, I finally convinced myself to go out into the general population and get some groceries. I was hoping that not many people were shopping on this holiday, but I was seriously wrong. It was packed. I wasn’t the only one to delay the week’s food purchases.

As I walked slowly into the grocery store (and took a few deep breaths as people were running around with their carts), I noticed some amazing strawberries in front of me. It was at this point I decided a fruit salad was in my future.

Fruit salads are simple – add what you like and toss. Delicious. Today, I picked up 2 Granny Smith apples, 2 Bartlett pears, green grapes, a Haitian mango and those come hither strawberries.

After cutting everything up, I tossed the salad with the juice of half a lemon. The citrus helps to keep the apples looking nice (and not turning brown) and also gives it a nice bright flavor. Now, I am ready for the rest of the week. Short and simple 🙂


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